Hacker Claims to Have Posted 'Harry Potter' Plot on Internet

Claiming to be motivated by "religion," a computer hacker posted in broken English what he claimed to be the plot of J.K. Rowling's last installment in the popular Harry Potter series, a London paper reported.

"Gabriel" wrote on a well-known hackers site early Tuesday morning that two characters die in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the seventh book in the Potter series, which will be published July 21.

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The hacker claimed he found the ending on the computer of an employee of Bloomsbury, the publisher of Rowling's series, by sending an e-mail containing a virus to Bloomsbury employees, according to the report.

"The attack strategy was the easiest one," he wrote. "It's amazing to see how much people inside the company have copies and drafts of this book."

He then wrote, ""We did it by following the precious words of the great Pope Benedict XVI when he still was Cardinal Josepth [sic] Ratzinger.

"He explained why Harry Potter bring the youngs [sic] of our earth to Neo Paganism faith."

Bloomsbury is known for its tight security measures to prevent leaks, but would not comment on the alleged hacking.