Guests and Topics: November 19

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What the heck is going on??!! Why have so many public figures been making such outrageous remarks since the presidential election?

Here are just a few examples: In interview published in "USA Today" this week, singer Linda Ronstadt (search) lashes out at the Bush administration and the war in Iraq, saying: "I worry that some people are entertained by the idea of this war. They don't know anything about the Iraqis, but they're angry and frustrated in their own lives. It's like Germany, before Hitler took over. The economy was bad and people felt kicked around. They looked for a scapegoat. Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers."

Plus, a Madison, Wisconsin radio personality called Condoleezza Rice an "Aunt Jemima" this week and charged she wasn't competent to be secretary of state!

And, in a question & answer session at Tufts University near Boston this week, "60 Minutes" star Andy Rooney revealed that he thinks the Iraqi people are ignorant!

What's this all about? We'll debate it with radio talk show hosts Darrell Ankarlo and Leslie Marshall.

Then, Alan will bring us his special interview with former Democratic Presidential candidate and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark (search).

Also, is Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons? Is that country the next great threat to America's safety and security? We'll ask Kenneth Pollack author of "The Persian Puzzle."

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