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Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Why are some fellow veterans calling on White House hopeful John Kerry to discontinue use of certain images in his national campaign advertising? Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Robert Hildreth, member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (search), and Skip Barker, a Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy as a PCF boat officer, join the debate.

• The "Show Me State" is showing a billboard that has some Republicans crying foul. The ad pictures a black man next to the words: "Missouri Republicans Have a Plan. You Are Not Part Of It." Reaching out to the rank-and-file? Or, a partisan push with a sharp racist angle?

Missouri Democratic Party executive director Jim Kottmeyer and former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley sound off.

• Comedian Bill Cosby (search) made some controversial remarks about African Americans that stirred much more than laughter. Did he go over the line? Ward Connerly, of the American Civil Rights Coalition, weighs in.

• Is the 9/11 commission (search) omitting the "hard questions" from their interrogations? Rosaleen Tallon, whose firefighter brother died in one of the towers, is upset and she'll tell us why.

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