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•The Bush-Cheney team has fired back against the Kerry-Edwards ticket with a new political ad. The "Senators John" are enjoying a bounce in the polls. What will be the lasting impact of the Kerry-Edwards ticket? With more than 100 days to go until the election, we'll debate it with Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton and Illinois Democrat and former Clinton administration official Rep. Rahm Emanuel.

• The Texas Republican party platform declares the U.S.A. is a Christian nation. Will this declaration from the Lone Star State help or hurt the GOP in November?

• We'll have the latest from the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial in Redwood City, California: Is the prosecution changing its strategy as it continues to build its case against Scott? Will it begin to focus more on the accused murderer's behavior in the days following his wife Laci's disappearance than on his affair with Amber Frey (search)?

We'll ask defense attorney Mary Prevost, former prosecutor Stephen Skoller and FOX News legal analyst Peter Johnson weigh in!

These stories and much more!

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