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Monday, July 25

The controversy that has Hillary Clinton seeing red! -- Senator Rick Santorum's new book "It Takes a Family" is the Pennsylvania Republican's response to Senator Clinton's bestselling book "It Takes a Village". His tome takes on public education, working moms and says liberal politics have weakened the American family! We'll find out more when Senator Santorum joins us this evening!

Plus, host of "Mornings in America", former Education Secretary Bill Bennett on the John Roberts (search) nomination. Are Democrats ready to go to war over the documents that Judge Roberts prepared for the Reagan White House?

Then, police in Britain shoot and kill an innocent man on the city's subway system while looking for bombers in the London subway system. Meanwhile, police in New York City are conducting random searches on the city's transit system. Are Americans safer in the aftermath of the London terrorist attacks? Should racial profiling be used in police searches? We'll debate it!

Also, the search for Natalee Holloway (search) continues in Aruba. Who is the new witness in the Holloway case who claims to know the location of the Alabama teen's body? And, is the FBI getting close to taking over the investigation? Is there a connection between suspect Paul van der Sloot (search) and the lead prosecutor in the case? We'll have the latest!

These stories and much more... Don't miss YOUR chance to join the debate tonight!

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