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As rescue teams fight to save 13 miners trapped inside the Sago Mine, questions are being asked about the mine's safety record. Was the mine safe? We'll ask Greg Phillips, former coordinator at the Sago Mines.

Then, Iran announces that they're resuming their atomic research program after a gap of over two years. They claim the research is for peaceful purposes. But does Tehran have other atomic ambitions? We'll get a read from John Hulsman, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

And, camera cell-phones help folks keep in touch. But can they also help thieves steal your identity? Private investigator and former New York City Police Officer Bill Stanton explains how you can protect yourself.

"FOX & Friends"
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Are nicotine substitutes — like the patch or gum — being linked to problems in newborns? FOX News medical contributor Dr. Manny Alvarez has the answers in the HealthBeat.

Prominent Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty to federal fraud charges. How does this development affect the GOP and could it have an impact on the midterm elections? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from FOX News political analysts Ellis Henican and Rich Lowry.

Are children safer riding in sports utility vehicles rather than smaller passenger cars? Dr. Dennis Durbin, attending emergency room physician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, explains why bigger isn't necessarily safer.

How would you feel about someone recording you at work... to see how you do your job? Saint Louis police are about to find out. The ACLU plans to give residents video cameras to monitor police. Good idea? We'll ask Sergeant Kevin Ahlbrand, president of the Saint Louis Police Officers' Association, and Redditt Hudson, member of the ACLU of Eastern Missouri.

And, pop star, actor and now Broadway star, Huey Lewis, drops by the studio!

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