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Update: On Friday we are starting pod-casting. You will be able to download audio highlights of the show. You can listen to our interview with Natalee's friends on today's Gretacast.

On Thursday night I was on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (search) and I enjoyed it very much. It is fun to see the "behind the scenes" of the show. Before the show, Jay Leno came back to the room I was in and spoke to me. He did it last time I was on the show and he does it for everyone — a nice gesture to his guests. We spoke briefly about Natalee Holloway (search) and briefly about his car collection. He said he has 80 cars... yes, eighty! Some of his cars are powered by steam.

“The Tonight Show” staff, it should also be noted, is top notch. They make sure that "all the trains run on time." It’s a huge operation and thus there is much opportunity for a dropped ball, but they were flawless.

Gavin DeGraw (search) was “The Tonight Show’s” music talent last night and was just about the nicest guy I ever met. His CD, “Chariot,” is great. I enjoyed talking to him but was a bit distressed to learn that the nice couple with him (about my age) were his parents. Ugh... time flies.

Steve Carell (search) was also on the show. His new movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin" comes out August 19. He told me he was worried about meeting me because when he was on “The Daily Show” they made fun of me several times. I told him I thought it was funny. Frankly, I like it when “The Daily Show” pokes fun of me... I don't take myself that seriously.

Bottom line, I had a good time doing “The Tonight Show” but now I am anxious to get back to Washington — or even Aruba — to do my job.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I saw you pitch out the first pitch, you did a good job getting the ball to catcher. I have a daughter who played fast pitch and my granddaughter is playing fast pitch softball in Little Leauge; my granddaughter saw you throw and said need a little more work on your fast ball. Ha-Ha! Want you to know I really enjoy your show on FOX; when you were on CNN I just didn't watch you there much.
Keep up the great work; and maybe if you make down to San Antonio, TX you come see a girls fast pitch game or, even better, if we make up to New York, my granddaughter can give a free throwing lesson.
God Bless You,
Larry Lindsey

ANSWER: I confess, I was proud of myself for getting the ball all the way from the top of the mound (not from in front of the mound) to home plate.

E-mail No. 2

I was happily watching Joe Scarborough last night, so I didn't get to see the interview with the war protester. Thank Goodness! Why would you give her airtime?
Cara Frisco

ANSWER: Cara, I am old fashioned. I actually believe in free speech (that "thing" in the U.S. Constitution) and that debate and discussion of issues as important as war is the bedrock of democracy. In order to arrive at any important conclusion or opinion, I would hope you would want to hear other opinions to check your own. By putting on any opinion on any topic on our show, I am not telling you to agree with it. I would think you would enjoy the intellectual challenge of hearing other opinions than your own — and even to debate it with others.

E-mail No. 3

Has anyone checked to see if the situation in Aruba is like in Australia where it is dangerous to sleep on the beaches due to attacks by very large saltwater crocodiles. Unlike sharks, these reptiles can live in fresh water, roam freely and grow to very large sizes due to years of protected status. How many tourists have vanished? Even in our Southern states we have a growing problem of reptile attacks and a person unconscious would not stand a chance of escaping.
Marilyn Hunt

E-mail No. 4

First of all my husband and I enjoy your show and watch it religiously to keep up with the latest on the Holloway case. Please don’t stop investigating. Like others, I have two daughters, 17 and 15, and take this story personally. You’re doing a great job!
Second, I was wondering why you wear long sleeves in Aruba? I keep hearing how hot it is there, so you must be very cold natured. I couldn’t imagine wearing long sleeves in a tropical, probably humid climate like that.
Keep up the good work!
DeLayne Bingamon
Ada, OK

ANWER: Glad you and your husband watch. As for the long sleeves, it is "feast or famine" for me. Yes, it is boiling hot outside... but when you go inside a building, the air condition makes it FREEZING. We go to the lawyers' offices, etc., and my teeth practically chatter.

E-mail No. 5

I answered your poll (as I always do). However, I would like to go further. I do not believe white-collar criminals should even be in prison. I believe we should come up with something better. Keep them at home, in a bracelet, working (so they can make restitution). Something, but not prison. Prison should be for violent criminals.
Jesse Garon
American Concert Artists and Events, Inc.

ANSWER: Jesse, thanks for the note. I don't agree. When someone, for instances, steals millions and millions of dollars resulting in people losing their life savings, prison is appropriate.

E-mail No. 6

I would be interested in seeing an interview with you and Cindy Sheehan. She is the woman camped out five miles from where President Bush's home is in Texas. I feel so sorry for this woman, that she really can't understand why our country doesn't change its stand on Iraq after all this time and investment in the good we are doing there. Is she having trouble mourning her son’s death or is she a little unstable? Has she been a protester all along or just now that her son has been killed? Did her son believe in what he was doing there? If he did, does she feel that she is taking the focus off of his bravery? I personally only know two people who don't agree with what we are doing there... one moved back to Canada and the other... well she is a little unstable in several ways, so it would be interesting to see who Cindy Sheehan really is. Not just as a protester, but as a person.
Phoenix, AZ

ANSWER: Caught! She was on our show earlier this week! Shame on you for not watching! Just kidding, but I would appreciate if you watched more often.

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