Grrr! Who Asked You?

True story ...

I'm standing in the elevator of an office building when in walks a woman with very fair skin. A man who only knows her by sight walks in and comments, "You don't ever tan, do you?

The woman smiles and shakes her head. "Not so much," she says quietly.

The elevator stops on the sixth floor and the man walks off. The woman looks at me. I don't know her at all. She says: "I haven't tanned since being diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago."


There are so many stories like this. How many times have you heard someone ask a couple, "So, when are you two having kids?" not even thinking that maybe they're heartbroken because after spending thousands of dollars on doctors and trials and treatments, they just can't have any for one reason or another.

Who the hell is that person to even ask?

And then there's the guy or gal who wants to know how much everything costs. "How much you pay for that car?" "What'd they get you for the new driveway?" "Nice vinyl fence, must have cost you a fortune."

Ummm, like salaries, whom one votes for and how much you spend on whatever it is you spend your money on ... it's none of anyone else's business.

One of my big office Grrrs is when I break down once or twice a year and grab a Big Mac and fries to eat at my desk, some clown walks by and asks incredulously, "Straka, YOU eat McDonalds?"

Yeah, watch me. And by the way, who asked you? Do I walk by your desk and comment on what you're eating? No. In fact, I hold my breath when people order Chinese food, Indian food and Mexican food to eat at their desks.

But hey, I keep my mouth shut.

The point is, some people are so oblivious to everything around them that they just blurt out whatever's on their mind. It's a true sign of an Oblivion.

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