Grrr! Pope Deserves the Coverage

Pope John Paul II (search) was one of the most influential and beloved figures of the last 100 years.

It's only natural then that news organizations go to wall-to-wall with coverage of the Pope's funeral. Stop Grrring the coverage. If you don't want to watch, there are plenty of other choices on the non-news cable networks.

Why would anyone want to watch a memorial of a man who dedicated his life to the work of God, championed freedom throughout the world and led the Catholic Church with unwavering conviction, when such reality shows like "The Surreal Life," where has-been celebrities and "Realities" (see Omarosa) live together in what can only be described as the equivalent of watching a train wreck?

Watch "The Real Deal."

Why would anyone want to remember Pope John Paul II, a man who overcame extreme obstacles dating back to World War II and the Nazi occupation of his homeland, Poland, when there's "Knievel's Wild Ride," where in one promo motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel brags about how many bones he's broken during the course of his "career"?

If cable's not your cup of tea, there's always "The Simple Life," starring two snotty rich girls whose producers find it OK to condescendingly characterize the lives of millions of Americans as "simple." The show should be called "Simple Minds."

The death of Pope John Paul II is a big deal. Whether or not you are Catholic shouldn't matter. What should matter is that a great man who epitomized strength, courage, conviction and faith — and who stood as a role model for millions of people — has died.

Wall-to-wall coverage is the least we can do. The most we can do is to aspire to live our lives with such dedication as Pope John Paul II.

The End Is Near for Left-Lane Vigilantes

Colorado state police have so far issued over 450 citations to Left Lane Vigilantes, and hopefully it's only a matter of time before other states follow suit.

According to The Associated Press, Master Trooper Ron Watkins said that since the ticketing campaign began three months ago, about 90 percent of the drivers he has pulled over for dawdling or cruising in the left lane said they didn't know that it was illegal to do so.

Ninety percent!

The Grrr! column applauds the work of Master Trooper Watkins and his fellow troopers as they keep the left lane safe for passing motorists. It's a passing lane, folks. It's not the Sunday Driver's lane. Move, or be ticketed.

Special thanks to Grrr! readers Shawn Workman, Michael West, Kirk Sylvester and James Sawyer for forwarding that story along.

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