Grim Picture on Illegal Immigration

[Tonight's] "Talking Points Memo": Grim new stats about illegal immigration.

The Pew Hispanic Research Center has issued a report that says the following:

There are currently 11 million illegal aliens residing in the USA right now, six million of them Mexicans. Eighty percent of Mexican migration to America is illegal. And there are currently 34 million immigrants living here, the highest in U.S. history.

There's no question that having 11 million people running around unaccounted for is chaos and a gross violation of U.S. law, yet little is being done about the situation for political reasons.

The Republicans believe Hispanic-Americans will provide votes, and, indeed, President Bush picked up 9 percent more Hispanic votes last November than he did the first time around. The irony is "Talking Points" believes that Hispanic-Americans like most of us want illegal immigration controlled and would not punish a politician for doing that.

The left-wing media, however, would. Any president who cracked down on illegal aliens would be demonized and accused of bigotry. — Politicians know this, and they are frightened.

“The Factor” has done all it can to report on this problem honestly. I favor a guest worker program, understand the country needs new blood, and feel diversity is a strength.

But chaos is weakness. And mark my words. Bad things are going to happen if the illegal alien situation is not brought under control soon.

So what can we do about it? Not much.

You can write the president directly. My letter is posted on Or you can contact your congressperson and senators. But, in a time when Terri Schiavo (search) can get a bill passed on her behalf in a flash, you'd think Congress and the president would sit down and take this border stuff seriously, but they have not.

Now, tomorrow, President Bush will meet with President Fox of Mexico and Prime Minister Martin of Canada, but don't expect any border headlines. In fact, the Mexican government has just released a DVD advising their citizens on how to cross into the USA illegally. Can you believe it? We'll show you come of it a bit later on.

Now outside of the economy and the war in Iraq, the security of America's borders is the number one issue in the country today. Do you think our leaders understand that? I don't.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

In St. Petersburg, Florida, at the Fairmont Park Elementary School (search), they are having a kindergarten jelly bean fiesta. But, as often happens, a 5-year-old girl started misusing the jelly beans in some way. The teacher took the beans away. The little girl then allegedly kicked the teacher in the shins and hit an assistant principal in the stomach.

A short time later, the cops arrived, and the little girl was cuffed and put in the police cruiser. Said the girl's mom, Inda Akins, "She's never going back to that school. They set my baby up."

Where is CSI when you need them? Ridiculous? They set my baby up.

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