Griffs Notes 8/29/06

I hope I don’t get stuck on stupid. Lt. Gen. Russell Honore - aka "That John Wayne Dude" - is leading a parade right now on television and I am about to interview him for FOX News Talk. Thanks to the genius of the booking crew of FOX News, the General’s press attache has agreed to allow me to put a few questions to the guy who coined perhaps the most memorable line of Hurricane Katrina - "Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid!"

But someone is still stuck on stupid down here in New Orleans because most of the problems that were here a year ago remain and there isn’t a great amount of recovering being made as far as I can tell. So I am going to ask him about it. I have to do it. It needs to be asked because Mayor Nagin appropriately stepped out of the way and let the good General do what he needed to do in one of America’s largest disaster-relief efforts last year. But it seems when control was handed back to the Mayor the progress stalled. And today people want answers.

I am told his impatience with the press isn’t a show. I am told that he doesn’t suffer fools gently. But if anyone would know if there were any evidence that the levees were "bombed" or intentionally caused to breach, then he certainly would have know about it. It’s all I’ve I heard since I have been reporting from the Lower Ninth Ward.

Wish me luck!