Griffs Notes 6/26/07

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In the midst of a very busy work schedule – devoting the majority of my time to covering important news events like the $54 Million Pants Suit, I actually managed on Sunday to have a life.

And I will confess that I was dead tired and not really up for much more than trying to get in a few extra hours of sleep on Sunday – but thankfully my wife rousting me up to take our daughter to the movies.

We went to see the new animated film Surf’s Up.

It’s the story of a young penguin named Cody Maverick who finds his way from the frozen Antarctic waters of Shiverpool to the annual championship contest held in honor of the legendary “The Big Z Memorial Surf Off” somewhere in tropical paradise.

Big Z is Cody’s childhood surf Idol who disappeared after the final wave of the contest 10 years earlier never to be seen again. In Cody’s mind, if he can just manage to win the trophy of the Big Z then all of life’s joys will be instantly realized.

Without giving away spoilers here, suffice it to say that Cody finds himself in the isolated company of a mysterious older Penguin named Geek who saves his life after a terrible surf accident just days before the big contest.

During the course of the movie – and Cody’s rehabilitation – many lessons are learned. For instance, when Cody believes what he needs most is a teacher in the water; Geek makes him learn the patience of building his own board. And is often the case with those of us who focus on the end result rather than what goes into the journey, a greater lesson is learned.

Geek continues to refuse to take Cody into the surf until he passes “the test” – which is learning to have FUN. Once Cody begins to have fun and lets go of trying to force the situation, he realizes his life is much happier… and his surfing is much better.

I have often written here that for me surfing is life’s metaphor. I could write tomes on this theory – and maybe someday I actually will. But for this cute film, I took away this comparison: Surfing requires skill and strength – but what is most needed comes from the heart and soul.

So even if you don’t have a 5-year old to take with you, go see it soon. It just might change your outlook on what really matters in life… Surf’s Up!

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