Vice President Dick Cheney has had a heck of a week. And it’s only Wednesday.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted Cheney for being the “Chief Attack Dog” for the WH and assailed his credibility.

On Tuesday, he was compelled to make an unexpected trip to his doctor for his Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and then headed up to Capitol Hill to defend his honor from Reid’s attacks. And by the close of business, Democratic Presidential Hopeful Rep. Dennis Kucinich had announced the introduction of three articles of Impeachment against him. Two articles for misleading us into war in Iraq for WMDs and making false links connecting Iraq and Al Qaeda; one article for attempting to lead us into war with Iran.

I attended that historical press conference (with less than a dozen other reporters) and challenged Kucinich for going after Cheney when the sole decision to go to war lies with the President. Here’s what Kucinich had to say:

These articles are tightly focused on the conduct of the vice president and to the extent that they may reflect in some way on the conduct of the President of the United States is another matter for another day.

I also pointed out that Speaker Pelosi has indicated on several occasions that she is not interested in impeachment for anyone, to which Kucinich told me:

I have not discussed this with Speaker Pelosi – I want to stress that this is not a partisan action at all… I take this action beyond partisanship, beyond party as an obligation and commitment to my nation and my loyalty to America and my willingness to say: stop the lies, stop the lying, stop the dying that’s occurring in Iraq over lies.

Not one other member of Congress has signed onto Kucinich’s plan, but you have to give the guy credit for standing alone for an unlikely idea. (Although Sen. McGovern wandered out of obscurity with an Op-Ed in the LA Times predicting Cheney’s resignation over the threat of impeachment). Nonetheless, the CheneyKrieg continued…

This morning, House Democratic Caucus Leader Rep. Rahm Emanuel connected the dots of this administration’s low points – Iraq, Katrina and Gonzales Firings – and compared it to Watergate, citing Cheney on numerous occasions. Here’s a highlight of Rahm’s speech:

Not since the days of Watergate, when our judicial system and intelligence community were deployed by the White House in the service of partisan politics, have we seen such abuses. And in many ways, what we have seen from this administration is far more extensive than that scandal.

This afternoon, the Taliban took to Al Jazeera’s airways and claimed Usama Bin Laden was behind the attack on Cheney at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan that killed 23 people.

At this point, I wouldn’t blame Cheney for taking the rest of the week off. But don’t expect him to stray far from the fight because he has been consistent in placing an enormous amount of importance on the outcome of the war in Iraq.

Do you suppose President Bush ever wonders, for just a moment, returning to Crawford and letting the Democrats realize their worst nightmare – President Dick Cheney?

Who would be the Veep?

Jeb Bush, of course.

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