Griffs Notes 10/13/06

There’s a place for us… somewhere! There’s a time for us… somewhere! But today wasn’t the day. I’m quite crestfallen really. I was very optimistic that I had secured an interview with the Queen of all Guilty Pleasures, Barbra Streisand. Yesterday, it was a “yes.” But this morning… She rained on my parade!

Babs caused some controversy this week at her farewell tour appearance in Madison Square Garden when she told an unruly fan to shut the **** up! As part of her performance, Streisand has employed the talents of George W. Bush impersonator Steve Bridges to come out on stage and sing a duet as a light-hearted bit on her outspoken criticism of the administration. But her colorful retort to the obnoxious fan was anything but becoming for the Funny Girl!

My People with insight behind the scenes on the tour told me that the Diva is actually upset that her “innocent sketch” was being touted by some anchors on another network as “humiliating to the President.” Apparently, the Songstress thinks that the whole story has been “mischaracterized” and the allegations of political slight are “absolutely false.”

So I thought to myself – I’m not your Papa, (but) I can hear you! And I set out to let her tell her story and clear the air at her concert here in Washington tonight. And the initial response from the tour management was that they were eager to let her tell me the truth about the way they were on Monday night in NYC. But it was all for naught.

And now I find myself in a long line of great men like Warren Beatty, Ryan O’Neal, Pierre Trudeau, Steve MacQueen, Don Johnson and Andre Agassi that have been stung by the adoration and abandonment of this talented woman. Of course, I must admit I did not anticipate a romantic relationship (happily married, thankyouverymuch)… but for a little known guy trying to make it in this tough world, it might have meant a star is born on FOX News Talk Radio!

Oh well. What can I say? Someone sent in the clowns, caused a big ruckus and I didn’t get the star-studded interview to follow it up. But I do have good news on the program front – I hope to talk with embattled VA Senator George Allen next week when President Bush hits the campaign trail to help his friend out… So Happy Days are Here Again!

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