Greyhound Adopts Rare Baby Owl at British Animal Center

A greyhound and an owl have formed a bizarre friendship at a British animal center.

Six-month-old pup Torque adopted tiny baby owl Shrek when she was taken from her mother for her own protection aged just three days.

Keepers feared Shrek’s mum would eat her first offspring if she became stressed.

Adoptive dad Torque is now guarding the rare long-eared owl at the home of head falconer John Picton.

They even spend their evenings together watching television.

Shrek is free to roam the lounge as she strengthens her legs and often snuggles up to Torque on the sofa.

“Their relationship is so unusual but also rather sweet,” Picton said. “Torque seems to have adopted Shrek as his daughter and is now very protective. He follows her around at home and keeps his eye on her.

“They play with each other in the evenings while I’m watching television and it is an opportunity for Shrek to wander and strengthen her legs."

Outdoors at the Ringwood Raptor and Reptile Centre in Hampshire’s New Forest, they often sit together, with the greyhound guarding his feathered friend.

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