GretaWire: Super Soaked for Super Tuesday

Dear Viewers,

Well, if you are looking for an anchor who looks like a drowned rat, tune into our election special (search) show Tuesday night at 11 p.m. ET.

I just got off the train in New York City and got caught in a downpour. I am soaking wet. I am so wet that I don't think any hair dryer can address the problem. It may be permanent.

Incidentally traveling on a train from D.C. to New York is always an experience. We had the "pleasure" of a mechanical problem eight miles out of Edison, New Jersey. This meant the train was at a dead stop out in the middle of nowhere... and while we got periodic announcements of workers looking under the train, I watched my watch and wondered if I would be phoning in the show tonight.

As always, I see people on the train who I know. Mort Kondracke was on the train -- obviously because he is in New York City for our election panels. Fox News Channel has its entire election team in the New York bureau to make sure we give you the best election coverage. Brit Hume -- our lead anchor -- came to New York last night so that he could devote the entire day before the polls close to our coverage.

As I stepped off the train in New York City, Chris Heinz stopped me. He is Sen. Kerry's stepson. He has been on our show, but he had a cap on and I did not recognize him at first. He quickly introduced me to the woman he was traveling with – Sen. Kerry's daughter. We immediately turned our conversation to exit polls -- I had accessed the Drudge Report on my blackberry during the "down time " (train mechanical problems) and gave them the exit poll news, which obviously pleased them.

Tuesday night -- in our two-hour special -- we have to figure out how to cover the elections and not neglect all the news today. The ricin story is extremely troubling to say the least and that is just one of the many stories.


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