Greetings From Geragos

Dear Viewers,

Since I promised behind the scenes information about the show...

Wednesday night when I got back to my office after the show I had two messages from Mark Geragos (search) to call (desk phone and cell phone). Even though it was late, I called. I have not spoken to him in many months and thus was surprised to hear from him. He was mad at Ted Williams and Geoffrey Fieger for both saying on our show Wednesday night that he lost the Wynona Ryder case and the Susan McDougal case.

After Fieger initially made that statement, I made a remark -- or something like it -- that I thought he won Susan McDougal. It has been so long and my memory has faded and the remark from Fieger was rather random to me. I was not expecting Fieger's remark or Williams' affirmation of it, but nonetheless pointed out that I thought he won McDougal. Geragos conceded that I did say that he won McDougal, but that I laughed when I said it. I don't know if I laughed, but I certainly did not laugh at him, at someone winning or losing a case, etc.

But, let me be very plain: He won McDougal and lost Wynona Ryder. We did our homework this morning with our Brainroom research team and determined that Mark Geragos represented Susan McDougal twice. She was acquitted both times.

As an aside, lawyers win and lose cases all the time and it does not make them bad lawyers when they lose. Lawyers are not magicians and if, for instance, your client gets caught on videotape committing a crime you will lose no matter how good you are.

Geragos was upset that I was not more emphatic about him winning McDougal and that he thought I laughed. I don't know if he is right to be upset, or not with me. You decide. I did say that I thought he won the McDougal case, but did not yell it into the camera. As an aside, I got a bit blindsided from the remark -- was not expecting it -- and, as luck would have it, the exchange occurred as I was having to end the segment.

The phone conversation with Geragos -- and his law partner -- did not end well. It was late, I was tired and I went home.


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