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What do you do after you help transform a Hollywood action movie star with a thick Austrian accent into the governor of the richest state in America? You sell yourself as the man with access to the governor of the richest state in America. At least, that's what you try to do.

Republican political consultant Mike Murphy helped sell Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) to California voters and has become one of the governor's most trusted political consultants. But that trust was strained when Mr. Murphy's political consulting firm, D.C. Navigators, hired a Sacramento lobbyist and made the following boast on its website: "With strong relationships on Capitol Hill and inside the Bush and Schwarzenegger administrations, Navigators can provide access to the highest-level decision makers in Washington and Sacramento."

When questioned about the pitch, Mr. Murphy played it down as "overblown sales copy" and removed it from his website. But the governor was not pleased, and now Mr. Murphy says his company will not lobby the Schwarzenegger administration, for which Mr. Murphy works as a paid consultant.

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