Chef Great Scott has a Valentine's recipe that's fun for you and your loved ones, tastes great and is inexpensive!

1 individual Boboli Pizza crust, which is pre-made, serves up to 4 people and costs only $4.39
1 jar (26 ounces) Classico marinara Tomato sauce -- $2.99 (you only need 13 ounces for 1 pizza)
1 16 ounce whole Mozzarella -- $3.99 (you only need 8 ounces for 1 pizza)
8 ounces sliced Pepperoni -- $3.69 (you only need 2 ounces for 1 pizza)

Spread the sauce over the pre-made pizza shell
Slice the mozzarella and cut pieces into hearts and arrange on the pizza
Cut heart-shaped pre-sliced pepperoni and arrange on the pizza
Bake in a pre-heated oven (375 degrees) for 12 minutes and serve immediately

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