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For some unknown reason to me, we taped the Robin Leach (search) segment on Thursday night's show about 30 minutes before 10 p.m. ET. We did a "live to tape" taping which means we put on the air the exact segment we did 30 minutes earlier (no editing.) I did the introduction to the segment, interviewed Robin, said good-bye and teased the next segment. Then that taped segment was "dropped" into our live show 30 minutes later.

I am not sure what the reason we could not do Robin Leach live last night (I never asked — just agreed to do it), but occasionally we have to do these "live to tape" segments because a studio for the guest is unavailable during the 10 p.m. hour. We rent studios around the country for guests and if the studio we want to rent has a live newscast of their own going on during the 10 p.m. ET time slot, we are out of luck. We either have to take it 30 minutes earlier or do a phoner.

It is sort of fun for me to do the five to six minute taped segment 30 minutes earlier since it gives me a break of equal time during the show. Usually our live show is so action packed that I don't have time to even catch my breath! With a five minute taped segment "dropped in," I just sit back and watch like you do. If the segment is long (more than five minutes but less than eight minutes), I will even turn to the computer and answer some viewer e-mails.

E-mail No. 1

I used to believe that Michael Jackson (search) was being accused of child molestation because of his money, now I believe M.J. has gotten away with child molestation because of his money.
Sugar Land, TX

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
May I point out to you that:
The defense has not had there turn to present all their evidence and witnesses.
Three out of the five prosecution "boys" have constantly said nothing inappropriate happened, as well as their family members.
"Jordy Chandler" ... his family were proven — his father, Evan — to be out "to destroy" Jackson, as well as saying his son was "irrelevant" to him. It's all on tape ... he asked for a multi-million dollar movie deal.
The other alleged victim has flawed, and contradicting statements.
Please, present it all,
Kyle Monie,
Crieff, Scotland

E-mail No. 3

I don't know Michael Jackson. I never bought a record made by Michael Jackson. I think they should stop this trial and put that skinhead district attorney and Gloria Allred on trial. That witch would do anything for a dollar and get her face on TV.

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
Finally someone with a brain speaks on your show about Michael Jackson and his obvious problems. How many adults (and I seem to need to use this term in a loose fashion) does it take to see abuse of children that causes them to turn in the person or possibly talk with the person committing the atrocities? Ted Williams is the first person I have heard mention why no one came forward before and sure there seems to be axes to grind on all sides in this case. Seems to me that all the money that these "abused" children and their families have received is appalling. As the mother of two children I would be absolutely livid it find out that not only my children were abused by someone but that other supposed adults (such as security guards) were aware of this and did nothing. Michael Jackson may have mental-sexual problems and the prosecutor may have a grudge against him. Still the real victims in this case will be the children that Michael Jackson has brought into this world and heresy years after the fact is small comfort to an abused child. I find that with the world today you could find someone on the street to say or do anything for publicity or money.
Wendy Mygrant

E-mail No. 5

Your friend Ted is off the mark or makes too much money I am a retired nurse and when you work for low money as a labor you keep your job and most don't report. That is called survival of the fittest.
Plus we are to believe molesters can't be cured. How many little children have to die before we believe it?
B. Vaughan

E-mail No. 6

When will you lawyer types get it? The only question the jury is asking themselves right now is what crime are they judging. The 1990s or the 2005 case?
The prosecution will lose this case. This jury is smart enough not to convict this man for things he did in the 1990s. Trust me!
K. Owens,
San Diego, CA

E-mail No. 7

How racist of you on the language you chose to use to report the high speed chase in L.A. tonight!
You had zero details but you chose to report a "black man" was engaged in a high speed chase, three times in a matter of five mins.
So what? Or did you have a subliminal message for your audience?
Would the story have been less worthy of your/media attention if it involved a "white man" engaged in a high-speed chase with police?
So you have now revealed that deep down inside you ... you will exploit and use your bigotries to stir up and create sensationalism in your reporting. Is that fair and balanced?
Mrs. Sheila Wire
The real "live wire." You are a fake!

ANSWER: I said black VAN ... not black MAN. And on the screen it said black VAN ... not black man. And it was a BLACK VAN. Do you remember Gilda Radner's "Saturday Night Live" news segment? You remind me of that...

E-mail No. 8 — Following is the inside note from Laura Ingle at the Michael Jackson trial. Jim Hammer's note follows Laura:

Subject: Laura note
*WARNING: graphic content*
A former security guard of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch has shocked jurors at the child molestation trial with his graphic testimony about oral sex. Ralph Chacon — who looked like he could have been cast in the TV show "The Sopranos" — was a roaming security guard of the Neverland property from 1991-1994. He told jurors today that he watched Jackson take a 10-year-old boy into the bathroom for over 45 minutes. Chacon said he was getting curious of the situation because the two were in there for a long time. He described going to a window to look in and see what was going on. He says he saw Jackson and the boy step out of the shower, Jackson caressing the boy, passionately kiss his mouth, his nipples, then performed oral sex on the child. Michael Jackson's mother and brother left the courtroom for this graphic testimony that seemed to shock jurors as well. The mental picture the testimony created, felt like a slap across the face it was so shocking. Chacon also told the jury he saw another episode between the two, where Jackson was hugging the boy in front of a Peter Pan statue on the property, spun him around and kissed him again on the mouth, then put his hands on his private area.
The boy's name is Jordy Chandler. He is commonly referred to as "the 1993 accuser." He reportedly received over $20 million after settling out of court in a civil case against Jackson.
Today, I spied his uncle on the "campus" of the courthouse here in Santa Maria. Raymond Chandler told me that he hasn't talked to his nephew in a while. I asked him where he is, because everyone has heard he's in Europe with the $20 million, not wanting to testify at this trial about what he claims Jackson did to him. It would certainly help the current accuser's case — but Chandler, like in the 90s is said not to be interested in being the "Michael Jackson kid" anymore. Raymond told me he has tried calling him several times and writing him, but can't get through. I asked him if he felt like Jordy had a moral obligation to come and help this accuser (now 15) out ... he told me he can understand his nephew's concerns, but that it's outweighed by the need to back this kid up, so that Michael Jackson doesn't have access to children again.
Jordy Chandler's mom is said to be the next witness.

E-mail No. 9 — e-mail from Jim Hammer from Jackson trial:


The most shocking day of the trial so far.

Trial Notes - April 7, 2005
WARNING: Parts of this are graphic.

Some jurors literally opened their mouths in shock today as a former Neverland Security Guard testified to seeing Jackson kiss, caress and perform oral sex on the young boy, who later collected more than $20,000,000 in a settlement from Jackson. He also saw Jackson "passionately kissing" the same boy on another occasion, while touching his crotch. Mesereau came after the witness very hard, and did some damage to him. Jackson won that lawsuit and the jury in that case found that the witness had stolen from Jackson to the tune of $35,000. But one fact stood out for me: This witness testified to the same events way back in 1994 before the Santa Barbara Grand jury, BEFORE he even hired a lawyer to pursue any wrongful termination lawsuit against Jackson. In fact, after he testified to the Grand jury, he kept working at Neverland for another month before leaving there and eventually suing Jackson. Many fellow reporters in court today thought the defense thoroughly discredited this witness, but I keep coming back to his 1994 Grand jury testimony, when he was still working for Jackson. What motive did he have to lie back then?
The maid who testified next didn’t see nearly as much — kissing and touching several boys at Neverland and Mesereau's cross was devastating, two different lawsuits finding her liable for stealing, one from a child’s trust! Bad stuff.
All week, this jury has been hearing about a pattern of little boys sleeping in Jackson’s bed, four other boys have been named so far. Watching the jury, this evidence does seem to be affecting them, and the picture being painted is devastating. But will it be enough to overcome whatever doubts they may have about the 15-year-old accuser? It’s still too soon to tell.
Stay tuned...
Jim Hammer
Santa Maria Courthouse

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