Grapevine: Is Bill Hedging his Bets?

There's an unusual loophole in Bill Clinton's agreement to lease office space in Harlem.

The New York Post reports Mr. Clinton has the option of backing out of his nine-year deal after three or six years.

According to one source, "Clinton will leave in three years if Hillary runs for president (in 2004). He'll leave in six years if she doesn't seek re-election (to the Senate) or is defeated, and he will only stay the full nine years if she is re-elected to a second six-year term."


An update on the third-grader from West Monroe, Louisiana who was suspended from school for drawing a soldier holding a knife. has published the offending piece of art that violated the school's zero-tolerance policy toward knives and guns.

In related news, school officials in Flagler County, Florida say they're considering counseling for a fourth-grader who drew a picture of himself shooting a fellow student with a laser gun.

His father said, "With all that's been going on in the schools everywhere — the shootings — I'm not surprised that the school would react this way. We don't have guns in our house, and my son has not been around guns. He will go to some counseling, which he'll pass with flying colors, and then he'll be back in school."

Prison Time for Petty Thieves?

Prosecutors in New Jersey are pushing for a five to ten year prison sentence for a drifter who allegedly stole 58 cents from the inside of a car back in 1999. Yet it seems the real victim of the drifter grifter is not the car owner but Garden State taxpayers.

To date, New Jersey has spent $16,000 keeping 50-year-old Michael Monroe behind bars, awaiting a trial that began this week. If Monroe receives the maximum prison sentence, officials say the tab for his 58-cent heist could reach $270,000.

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