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"We face the great abyss as a nation with the 2006 we continue towards Theofacism or pull back to sanity?" — Charles, (Dallas, TX)

"If you completely stop farm subsidies, your cost of food and fiber will increase tremendously." — Joe (Dimmitt, TX)

"Democrats must be magicians. They made Tom DeLay disappear!" — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"It is very easy to talk about staying in Iraq when you are not in Iraq." — Antron (Monroe, LA)

"We should have free enterprise & stop farm subsidies, which destroyed Mexican farmers after NAFTA." — Burt (Houston, TX)

"Whenever they say 'liberal' like it is a swear, call them the 'scrooge party' or 'retros' or some other sticking zinger." — Bill (Lowell, MA)

"Why should any American feel safer since 9/11 with our borders wide open!" — Diana (Oklahoma City, OK)

"I'm reading your book right now in school; it's people like you who make me proud to be "Red White and Liberal!" — Brittany (Port Orange, FL)

"So much money spent on the Iraq war, they should start paying us back, with oil." — Neil (Sarasota, FL)

"I am sick of seeing and hearing Ann Coulter. She says outrageous things to gain attention to herself and sell more books." — Bill (Greenville, AL)

"If agriculture and education got half of the money that defense spending got, they would be in better shape than they are." — Mike (Jonesboro, AK)

"Why do celebrities, who lived excessively, belittle me for not sharing their faith? Do I need God to say no, or just a brain?" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Bush taught the bad guys a lesson: Work like hell to develop nuclear weapons, otherwise, the U.S. will topple and invade you." — G.Y. (Vienna, VA)

"Is there anyone out there that has bought something lately that wasn't made in China?" — Kyle (Citrus Heights, CA)

"To that French soccer player who threw a hissy fit and head butted the Italian player. It must suck to be a snobby loser." — Gregg (Brooklyn, NY)

"Ann Coulter is a legend in her own mind. She is a fad, her fifteen minutes of fame will come to an end soon." — Chuck (Miami, FL)

"Let's take over Mexico. Then they will be legally in America." — Carmen (Lawrence, MA)

"Just before November elections, Congress voted themselves a pay raise, but wouldn't pass a minimum wage increase. How smart of them." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"If there is no hard evidence connecting Usama bin Laden to 9/11, then why are we at war in the Middle East?" — J. (Hailey, ID)

"Senator Feingold is obviously on a higher level than the rest of Washington. Feingold 2008!" — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Four more Americans were killed in Iraq Tuesday; not one from a flag burner." — Chuck (San Diego, CA)

"When it's election time, let's all act surprised, like we didn't know about troop reduction in Iraq." — Mike (Easton, CA)

"The most chilling part about all the conservative comments is that they sound just like comments I heard during Vietnam." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Why kill the ants in your house now, Karen? Just wait for the terrorists to nuke us. Put down the paint thinner and clear your mind." — Sabrina (Miami, FL)

"The murder of our soldiers and the Iraqi trainees killing their instructors is the course Republicans have us staying on." — Chuck (Poway, CA)

"Michael, if you want to give more of your money to Uncle Sam than to Wal-Mart, then yes, vote Democrat." — Julia (Herriman, UT)

"Big deal — 500 chemical weapons that probably couldn't kill the ants in my kitchen." — Karen (Midland, TX)

"The Republicans don't want to withdraw from Iraq, so let's start a long-term draft-based policy to stay there." — Charles (California)

"Thank God for people like Ann Coulter who say it like it is without political correctness." — Steve (Kirkland, WA)

"Geno is right, we don't have to sell our delicious Italian cheesesteaks to those people who break the laws of this country." — Mario (Boston, MA)

"It's ironic that Ann Coulter doesn't seem to mind the free expression of the 9/11 widows who support President Bush." — Mary (Illinois)

"Has everyone had enough of the same thing over and over again? Vote Democrat and see a better, stronger America." — Michael (San Antonio, TX)

"Compassionate conservatism is the oxymoron of the 21st century." — Robert (Abilene, TX)