Government Gets Bigger and Bigger

The McDonald's lawsuit got me thinking about something grander than the Golden Arches: The government and what it should and shouldn't do.

I think it was Gerald Ford who once said in a television debate, a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything you have.

My fear is that bit by bit, lawsuit by lawsuit, taxing claim by taxing claim, the government is taking something away from us every day: sometimes clearly, oftentimes insidiously, but always consistently.

It gets bigger and bigger, despite clarion calls to make it smaller and smaller.

It makes the decisions many of us are afraid to.

It tells us what to eat.

It tells us what to drive.

It takes our money and decides how to spend it.

We are given lip service, but we pay the ever-increasing bills for its service.

It means well, but it taxes much.

It talks of our interests, but it feeds its interests.

It clamors for the rights of all, but feeds the causes of a few.

We expect friendly handouts, but we see greasy palms out.

The government tells us it's not our fault, when it is. We tell the government it's the solution, when it is not.

Life is a series of choices. We make them, not the government.

Just as we should enjoy the fruits of the good moves we make, we should take the lumps for the bad moves we make.

Government shouldn't make jerks whole, or lawyers rich. It should let people think, make up their own minds, take their own hits and enjoy their own successes.

We teach our kids that there are no short cuts in life. Yet we have a government that aims to shelter all from the cold, hard realities of life.

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