Forget the red carpet! They rolled out the black carpet in Gotham on Monday night for the stars of "The Dark Knight."

I talked to Batman himself, Christian Bale, who told me this film is more of a "psychological thriller" than an action flick.

Bale also talked about the late Heath Ledger, who stars as the Joker in this film, which is his final completed project. Bale said he and Ledger never broke character while on set, and that “Ledger’s emotion was absolute. He was a very satisfying actor to work opposite.”

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Oscar-winner Michael Caine told me he "absolutely" believes Ledger will get an Oscar nomination for this role. He said Ledger’s performance is "unique, it's real, you believe him. He's a man there with a gash of lipstick across his face, his lips are cut here, he's got a white face and you believe him as a human being and you are very, very, very afraid of him — he's fantastic."

Rather than mourning Ledger, co-stars including Bale told me the film is “a wonderful celebration of his talent.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal applauded the entire cast, from Bale, Ledger and Caine to Gary Oldman. She told me, “Working with really good actors is easy. Working with bad actors is hard.”

Fans who lined the streets to see the stars — and the Batmobile — were screaming so loudly that I couldn't hear many of my interviews. “The Dark Knight" opens Friday, but it's already selling out in theaters in New York and beyond.