GOP Calls on Obama to Fire Jennings

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Give Him the Boot!

For weeks we have called on President Obama to fire his safe school czar Kevin Jennings. And now 53 House Republicans are joining the cause and demanding that Jennings be ousted from his position at the Department of Education.

Leading the effort in the House is Iowa Congressman Steve King, who on this very program has called for Jennings' removal. The letter signed by King and his colleagues was sent to President Obama Thursday. It says, "Kevin Jennings cannot gain the approval of parents who want their children safe and their schools drug free. You should replace him with someone who has a record of educating children in a safe and moral environment."

Congratulations to Congressman King and the 52 other House Republicans who are paying attention to this very important issue. I just wish the mainstream media and the president would do the same.

Coming Up Next...

When she stepped down as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin vowed to continue to champion the causes that she believes in, and we're now beginning to hear what may be next for the former VP nominee.

According to the New York Post, Governor Palin is set to announce the formation of a new political group called Stand Up for Our Nation. Specific details about the group remain unclear, and the governor's spokeswoman has refused to comment on this matter. But the Post does quote a Palin associate as saying an announcement about the group is coming up.

We have not heard the last from Governor Sarah Palin. Her book is coming out as well.

Say What?

One member of the president's Faith Advisory Council saw it appropriate to appear on a television network called the Islam Channel run by convicted terrorist Mohammed Ali Harrath.

Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed appeared on the network's program "Muslim Dilemma" and shared the following thoughts about spreading Sharia law:


DALIA MOGAHED, OBAMA ADVISER: I'm sure there are people out there who — in fact, they're not all Muslim — who believe that this is something that the United States and Britain and other countries should be open to. The conflict of integrating Sharia into laws in Muslim majority societies. And of course most Muslim majority societies do have Sharia as a part of their laws already.


What? There's a lot of Americans who think Muslim countries should be governed by Sharia law?

I don't know where Miss Mogahed is getting her information but I hope she's not passing that along to President Obama.

Barrel of Laughs

The folks at "South Park" were able to find humor in the various ACORN scandals. You probably remember that several ACORN workers were caught on tape advising a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp on how to skirt tax laws and facilitate a child prostitution ring.

Take a look at the "South Park" spinoff:


BUTTERS, "SOUTH PARK" KID: And so I would like to see if there are any housing loan opportunities for some of my employees and also what kind of corporate taxes I should be filing under.

MRS. DAVIS, ACORN STAFFER: And exactly what kind of business are you running?

BUTTERS: It's a kissing company.

MRS. DAVIS: And you're making a profit?

BUTTERS: Oh, sure.

MRS. DAVIS: Do you keep any record of the men getting these kisses?

BUTTERS: Of course. My (EXPLETIVE DELETED) keeps a data base of all our customers, especially the VIPs, like Senator Morris.

MRS. DAVIS: All right, get out of here!

BUTTERS: Huh? Why?

MRS. DAVIS: I'm not falling for it!

BUTTERS: But I heard ACORN helps pimps and their (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

MRS. DAVIS: We aren't giving you anything. Get out!

MR. DANIELS: Mrs. Davis? Is there some kind of problem?

MRS. DAVIS: No, sir.

BUTTERS: Hey, Mr. Daniels. You get kisses from (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in the alley down by Sizzler.


Ouch! I think that's what they mean by making lemonade when somebody gives you a lemon.

Whopper Jr.

Remember when Yankee fan Hillary Clinton was caught red-handed lying about her experiences in Bosnia? It looks like she's at it again:


HILLARY CLINTON, SECRETARY OF STATE: When Bill and I first came to Belfast, we stayed at the Europa Hotel, as I have again this time. Even though then, there were sections boarded up because of damage from bombs.


Turns out the last explosion to damage that hotel occurred two and a half years before the Clintons dropped by.

Ouch! That hurts.

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