Good Read, Good Cause

Dear Viewers,

Last night we had Chuck Norris (search) on our show to talk about his new book "Against All Odds."

It is a fascinating book about his life and how, despite a rough start, he has managed to succeed and do so much. The book is a good read and I recommend it. It might inspire you.

I had lunch with Chuck and his wife earlier in the day and learned that the proceeds from the sale of his book are going to the KICKSTART Foundation (search) that he started many years ago.

The program began by teaching the martial arts to high-risk children in Houston, Texas. The program is now in 36 schools with over 5,200 boys and girls participating. So, in addition to being a good read, it is a good cause. (As an aside, for any of you who wonder, yes, Chuck Norris is a very, very nice guy ... and you would love his wife Gena, too.)

Second, the Peterson (search) case marches on. As you know the police videotaped their search of the Peterson home on Feb. 18 and 19. The police do that for many reasons but mostly to put to rest any questions the defense might raise later but how the search was conducted.

We are streaming that video to this Gretawire today so that you can review for yourself how the search was conducted. You might see something we all missed in discussing it on the show. If you find something we missed, please e-mail us so we can discuss it.

And as an aside, I wanted to clarify my answer to e-mail No. 4 from yesterday’s viewer e-mails. Here is the e-mail:

E-mail No. 4 posted Thursday, Sept. 23
Re: The so-called "powerful" videotape of Scott's house taken on 2/18/04.
Was 2/18/04 before or after the Rocha's broke into the home and took away some of Laci's things? If it was after, then it would seem to me that the tape is worthless—and Gloria's comments about Connor's room were gratuitous. The Rocha's could have put stuff in there when they were rummaging through the house—or, more likely, they just hadn't finished turning their 'junk' room into a nursery yet. After all, they still had almost 2 months to go (7 weeks from 12/23/03 to 2/10/04).
P. Solt

ANSWER:  I responded that it was after the break in, and I was referring to the burglary of the Peterson home in January when a woman broke into the residence. I did NOT mean the entrance by the Rochas in late spring or early summer. I would not characterize their entrance as a break in.

Finally,  I promised this viewer I would post her e-mail. She and her friends have been loyal viewers to our show. She wants you to see how her "informal" jury feels about the Peterson case:

Hi Greta,

How dare your viewers call you biased?  NO Way. You have always presented things for us to think about and the Prosecution would be wise to listen to what you tell us all. You have been tipping them off all along as to what they can expect. I would have you represent me any day Greta, however, in my line of work, it is highly unlikely.

Since everyone is expressing an opinion, I would like to see mine in print to.  My “jury” group and I do not think Scott Peterson is guilty and we are tired of those who try to convict without evidence. I know the circumstantial is strong however it is circumstantial.  Do you know anyone that is comfortable sending a man to death without one shred of hard evidence? I don’t. Thanks for being there for all of us Greta.

Cindy Ferraro


ps: I just got an email from Bernie Grimm. He watched the show last night and wrote me that he is going to buy Chuck Norris' book today.

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