Good Cop, Bad Cop

I love how the French newspaper, Le Monde, is praising its government's role in getting Iran to halt its uranium enrichment (search) program. Trumpeting diplomacy over confrontation, a direct dig at the U.S., no doubt.

If you really think talking nice to Iran got Iran to do something nice, then I've got a thermal nuclear reactor to sell you.

Tehran just didn't show up at the table. But 133,000 U.S. troops showing up next door in Iraq certainly got them running to that table.

And Tehran just didn't decide overnight to talk nice to the French. That was until, the U.S. began talking not so nice to Tehran. Suddenly the coy Europeans were a hell of a lot better alternative than the blunt Americans.

We called a spade a spade. For some reason the world accepted the notion that a country with more oil than most others put together needed an energy alternative. We didn't.

For some reason, the world was okay with Iran saying its intentions were peaceful. We weren't.

For some reason, the world accepted you could enrich uranium for purely humanitarian purposes. We knew such efforts almost always have military purposes.

So Europe showed the carrot and we showed the stick.

And Iran would have never opted for the carrot, had it not seen the stick. So let's stick to the facts.

A country that has more oil than god claims it's preparing for a rainy day and we didn't buy it.

A country that heard protests for months from Europeans and only responded when we threatened sanctions over it.

No, this pain in the axis of evil didn't budge until troops were on its doorstep and sanctions were at the ready. It was classic good cop, bad cop.

And Tehran's not stupid. It’s better to cut a deal with the good cop, than to ever face the wrath of the bad cup.

We are many things in this country. Suffering fools, or liars... clearly isn’t one of them!

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