Going Overboard?

Dear Viewers,

Security is very important to each one of us. Sept. 11 pounded home to us in the most cruel fashion how terrible some people can be. We must take all reasonable steps to protect each other. The important word though is "reasonable." We don't want to waste resources.

But, can anyone explain this to me? Why does my husband, who travels on airplanes one to two times a week, always get an "S" on his boarding pass? An "S" means that he gets that "extra" security inspection -- he gets pulled off to the side and all his things get searched, checked for explosives, etc. In other words, he is a suspected security risk. This takes lots of time and effort on behalf of TSA (search ) -- security at the airport.

In an effort to find out why he is getting this not just some of the time, but each time, my husband spoke to both TSA and the airlines. TSA says it is the airlines doing it. The airlines (notably USAir) claims that it is TSA. Both blame each other yet both agree my husband is not a terrorist. Both think it is not right that my husband gets an "S" each time he flies and chides the other for doing it “every” time. Neither claims to be able to fix this. As a result, while my husband is subjected to this search “every” time, TSA's attention is necessarily taken away from someone who might be a terrorist.

I assure you, if my husband were a terrorist, I would not be married to him. I suppose if the profile of a terrorist is a white man, that flies weekly using a frequent flyer number each time, using a U.S. passport as identification, in his mid 50s, wearing a blue blazer, or a suit, with lots of newspapers and a briefcase, who bought a roundtrip ticket with a credit card, traveling with well-known wife who also is carrying a stack of newspapers, then I understand.

I am “not” opposed to security. In fact, I appreciate security. What bothers me is when we are inefficient. My husband does not need to be checked “every” time because TSA and the airlines can't figure this one out.


By Popular Demand

Dear Viewers,

Here is a viewer e-mail. Note: I have complied – see the photo of Luke above.

“C,mon Greta… lets see some pics of the kid!”
Randy F.

And here is the e-mail from my former law partner, Luke’s father -- the boy on our set behind the cameras on Friday night. He sent it to me this Tuesday morning. As you may know from a prior GretaWire, I had my assistant step onto our set Friday night and take the boy for a "tour" of our bureau when we did the Kobe segment so that he would not hear the "adult" information in that case:

“Many, many thanks for Friday night and the pics; Luke keeps talking about being on the set and listening in to the show and the director's comments. He dug all the attention that you and the staff gave him and I really appreciate it. (He's a smart kid and also realized that he was being shuffled off for the Kobe segment -- I took a hit for that one!)”

Well, it just goes to show how little we adults know!


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