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Dear Viewers,

About 4 p.m. California time Tuesday and across the street from FOX News Channel Redwood City "bureau," a boat was pulled up on a trailer and left in a lot. The lot is owned by Scott Peterson's defense attorney Mark Geragos (search) and the boat is exactly like the one his client owned on December 23 2002 — now in police custody.

Here is what I think: this boat is the one used in the defense's videotaped demonstration that the Peterson lawyers wanted to show the jury, but the judge said no. I went across the street, looked carefully at the boat and videotaped it for you to see. In the boat were anchors like Peterson allegedly made, a tackle box with pliers and even an object similar to a 150 pound pregnant woman. I have video streamed my tape on this Web site so you can check this out for yourself (just click here and watch.)

The boat seemed "abandoned" — meaning it was not locked, or confined so that someone could easily steal it. Of course the lot is owned by Geragos, so it seems likely — not proven — to be the one in the inadmissible videotaped demonstration. The only other possibility is that it is a sick prank by someone who knows it to be the Geragos lot. I doubt it is a prank, but have no confirmation.

As word leaked out, people swarmed the area to check out the boat. When I left our bureau after our show — 8 p.m. California time — there were still people standing around looking at it.

Finally, it is our expectation to leave California after our show tonight. Of course in this business those plans could change. The jury will not be deliberating Thursday, since it is a holiday, but we will have a show live at 10 p.m. ET. If I slur my words, cut me some slack... I am flying the red eye, which means little or no sleep.


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