Godzilla (search) went Hollywood as his 28th feature film, "Godzilla: Final Wars," was given a red carpet premiere.

Cast member Masahiro Matsuoka (search)'s appearance on the arrivals line garnered the sort of screams and applause usually reserved for Hollywood superstars as fans lined up and down Hollywood Boulevard for Monday night's event.

Marking Godzilla's 50th anniversary, "Final Wars" has the movie monster traveling around the world to fight old foes, as well as the new mysterious Monster X (search).

The fire-breathing sea creature was spawned by nuclear weapons testing. He made his appearance in Japanese theaters in November 1954, while the United States was conducting nuclear tests in the South Pacific.

Producers say it will be the last time that Godzilla — played by an actor in a rubber suit — stomps through miniaturized sets before retiring.

But "Final Wars'" director Ryuhei Kitamura (search) said fans shouldn't believe it.

The movie monster has been working for the last 50 years, the director told AP Television News, "so, I think Godzilla just deserves a vacation."

Earlier in the day, Godzilla received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at a ceremony outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where the 2,271st star is located.

"I'm here representing Godzilla. Unfortunately, he cannot speak English," said producer Shogo Tomiyama.

"We're very excited he is being honored in America. `Godzilla: Final Wars' is his last film, but I am sure he will be resurrected by filmmakers in the future."

"Godzilla: Final Wars" opens in Japan on Dec. 4.