Giving Thanks to the Soldier

I always wonder what Thanksgiving must be like if you're not at home or not with your family.

If where you are it's not cozy, but rough and dangerous.

And the food isn't incredible, more like institutional — meant well, but not going down well.

I always wonder what Thanksgiving must be like if you're a soldier? Far from home. Very far from cozy. Very, very far from even safe.

I suspect you think of family or kids or grandma or maybe just real home cooking.

Then you remember the real hell that surrounds you and you hunker down and eat quietly.

Maybe you wonder whether the rest of us are thinking about you or grateful to you.

I know words seem empty this time of year — maybe even meaningless this day of the year. But trust me when I say of all the thanks this day, "you" are the most deserving "any" day.

You, who toil in the trenches, so we can eat at home.

You, who risk all, so that we even have a home.

So know well we are a grateful nation. Not just on Thanksgiving. But here all days to simply say, thanks, for just giving.

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