Giving Money Where It's Needed

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There’s no question that charity celebrations, like last weekend’s tsunami relief drive (search), make us feel pretty good. But tough questions sometimes have to be asked about whether the money raised goes where it should.

Remember the “We are the World” concert, put together in the mid-1980s to help starving Ethiopians (search)? Millions were raised, but much of the money passed through the hands of a brutal dictator, who actually made the famine worse.

There’s also the question of how much of your money goes to things that have nothing to do with a particular tragedy. The Red Cross (search) had to face the music when Bill O’Reilly discovered that a big chunk of their 9/11 funds was going nowhere near the victims of 9/11.

And it was recently revealed that the wife of New York’s governor received $50,000 from a charity linked to her husband’s financial supporters. Shouldn’t the wealthy wife of a governor be donating her time to charity, rather than adding to the overhead?

It feels good to give money to those in desperate need. But we should also make sure our money goes to where it does the most good. In the mean time, you can still find out a lot of worthy tsunami charities by going to USAFreedomCorps.Gov.

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