Give Them a Break?

What I'm about to say sounds like financial heresy, but here it goes.

A lot of companies are going to come up with a lot of excuses for a lot of lousy numbers these next few weeks.

I say, that we should we cut them some slack and let them go ahead.

Wait, wait... I have a point.

I know more than a few of them are going to use the September 11 "event" — as they're calling it — as a reason for all these troubles.

Some are justified. Some are not. I don't think at this time, we question them.

If, some want to throw in the baby with the bath water, so be it. They can't do it forever, so let's let them do it now. Here's why:

There'll be plenty of time to scrutinize and attack — now isn't the time.

There'll be plenty of time to truly hold management accountable — now isn't the time.

There'll be plenty of time to see if all these layoffs were justified — now isn't the time.

So I say give them a pass on this past quarter.

A lot of us do the same for our kids. Some are acting a bit strangely, maybe not doing as well at school, maybe more frustrated at home. There is a lot going on in their little lives. Who are we to play the heavy when they're dealing with heavy stuff?

So I want to treat companies just like we do our kids — with a bit more leeway and a lot more understanding. I'd much rather hold them accountable for what they can do now, than for what they didn't do then.

Like our kids, they might be making excuses. But like our kids, for now, I'm going to let them.

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