Gitmo Gets Big Play in the European Media

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I just spent two weeks in Northern Europe and Russia, where the only major news from the U.S. was Michael Jackson’s trial (search) and Dick Durbin’s comparison of our troops in Guantanamo (search) with death camp guards in Nazi Germany and the Communist Gulag.

Now, the Europeans know a thing or two about the Nazis and the Gulag (search). All told, tens of millions of Europeans and Russians were slaughtered in Nazi and Soviet death camps. In fact, you don’t have to dig too deep to find a collective guilt in Europe about not doing more to stop the Holocaust.

To bring up the 550 prisoners of Guantanamo in the context of regimes that practiced the wholesale murder of millions may seem obscene and unbalanced. But it does help let Europeans off the hook, which may be why they gave the story about as much space as they gave to Michael Jackson.

And that’s the Observer.

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