Girl Gone Wild: Sarah Larson Grinds Multiple Men, Goes Home With Ashlee Simpson’s Ex | Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Rekindle Love | Blunt & Krasinksi Still Pretending To Be Single, Anne Heche & Hubby Head For The Rest Room & Susan Sarandon Does The Unthinkable | New Couple Alert: Matthew Perry & Lizzy Caplan, Kim Zolciak & Joe Francis

Girl Gone Wild: Sarah Larson Grinds Multiple Men, Goes Home With Ashlee Simpson’s Ex

This time last year it looked as though Wedding bells were in the air for George Clooney and Sarah Larson, but since their split in May the former Las Vegas cocktail waitress has well, slipped down a few notches.

Larson spent the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival prancing around Park City with a bevy of Sin City boys, but her behavior caused quite a bit of attention at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas after-party for the flick "The Vicious Kind." Larson snuck thru the back door of the Hollywood Life House late Saturday night and after what seemed to be a few too many drinks found herself provocatively grinding half a dozen guys on the dance floor -- yes, all at once.

At one point the oh-so-classy Larson apparently even had her legs wrapped around a gentleman’s waist. But in the end we’re told the model decided to go home with a star who wasn’t in her dirty-dancing troupe, and was spotted sneaking out with Ashlee Simpson’s ex beau Ryan Cabrera.

But aside from her wild nights, perhaps attending the film festival wasn’t as fun for Larson as it could have been. We’re told the 31-year-old was denied entry into various gifting suites and venues and got quite upset when hosts refused to accommodate her … plus seven guys!

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Rekindle Love

Their relationship hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, but it seems Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are giving it another go. The couple arrived to Declare Yourself’s Born Again American Event in D.C. on Sunday night and initially chose to stand on the red carpet separately, but after some coaxing from the photogs the two posed together. But is Lindsay the one holding on to the rocky romance?

While Lohan was happy to wrap her arms around Sam for the snaps, the affection definitely wasn’t reciprocated as Ronson kept her distance and her arms folded.

PHOTOS: Click for pics of Sam and Linds at Gossipgirls.com.

According to party insiders, Lohan hung around the DJ booth all night while Sam spun and seemed to be the one initiating all communication.

But speaking of inauguration parties, Pop Tarts has been told that Star Jones kept her diva reputation well in-tact at the Grey Goose BET Hip Hop Honors cocktail event in D.C over the weekend. Apparently she pulled staff aside and insisted on having the chef cook up her own personal plate to be presented on arrival as she didn’t like what was being served. The following night Jones joined the likes of Mary J Blige, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder at the BET Hip Hop Honors party but reportedly had her new boyfriend Herb Wilson stand to the side, carry around her fur coat and respond to her every request all night.

And even after all these years in the spotlight, it turns out that Mariah Carey was feeling a bit of fear prior to her inauguration performance. Before heading to D.C., Carey spent the weekend at Sundance promoting her film "Push" but Pop Tarts overheard her talking about how nervous she was to sing "Hero" at the momentous event.

"Everyone was calming her down, telling her she would be great," said our spy at the "Push" luncheon, held at Coca-Cola’s Taste of Film Festival at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Blunt & Krasinksi Still Pretending To Be Single, Anne Heche & Hubby Head For The Rest Room & Susan Sarandon Does The Unthinkable

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have been romantically linked for a couple of months now, but it seems the two are still trying to play it cool. The twosome turned up to the Sundance T-Mobile G1 Diner at Village of the Yard together last week, but were quick to move to different tables. While Blunt enjoyed her late-night feast with friends and Krasinski chatted up Amy Poehler, Pop Tarts couldn’t help but notice that continuously smiled at each other from across the room. Awww.

Speaking of cute couples, pregnant Anne Heche pottered around the film festival with her boyfriend James Tupper in toe and was spotted swaggin’ out with Lia Sophia jewelry at the Rock Band Lounge before heading down to Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge where she and Tupper spent fifteen (yes, fifteen) minutes together in the rest room…

And as you can probably tell from most of Pop Tarts posts, all these "gifting" suites are usually attended by well, not exactly A-list celebrities as they tend to steer clear so it doesn’t tarnish their high-class image. So you can imagine the eyebrows raised when actress/producer/human rights activist Susan Sarandon (plus her huge posse) spent quite a lot of time picking up thousands of dollars worth of free things from Village at the Yard’s Fred Segal Fun Lounge (including an ENTIRE Magaschoni cashmere collection for herself and daughter) and before hitting up Rockband Lounge and Kari Feinstein’s.

Sarandon even had the whole diva-look down pat she sauntered around with her sunglasses on (inside, during the day) and didn’t even take them off for photographs. She even took advantage of a morning of free skiing with the pros at the Oakley Learn to Ride program and hurled and twirled alongside the likes of the Hilton sisters, Christina Milian, Karolina Kurkova and Anna Wintour’s daughter Bee Schaffer.

New Couple Alert: Matthew Perry & Lizzy Caplan, Kim Zolciak & Joe Francis

Matthew Perry threw quite the elaborate bash at his fave Hollywood hotspot Kress on Saturday evening to celebrate the Birthday of his best friend and talent agent Mark Holder, but it seems Perry was the one who lucked out.

According to Pop Tarts spies, Perry spent the entire night canoodling in a private rooftop cabana with "True Blood" beauty Lizzie Caplan and the two refused to leave each other’s side … Other guests at the party included Ricki Lake, Charlie O’Connell and Kathy Najimi.

On the topic of new couples, Tarts has been told that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" starlet Kim Zolciak has just started dating "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis. The two were spotted getting particularly cozy in Park City over the weekend and even shared the same house at the film festival ...