Girl, 14, Arrested for Text-Messaging in School

Here's another way for teenagers to get in trouble with the law — text-message while in school.

According to a police report posted by The Smoking Gun Web site, a 14-year-old girl in Wauwatosa, Wis., a prosperous Milwaukee suburb, was charged with disorderly conduct on Feb. 11 for repeatedly text-messaging during class.

According to the report, she also repeatedly denied to school authorities and law-enforcement officers that she even had a phone on her person.

It's not clear why school administrators felt they had to call the police, but the responding officer did all the dirty work — took the girl to the dean's office, questioned her, made a couple of trips to other classrooms to interview her friends.

He even called her parents, though the girl didn't make that easy.

"She gave me several numbers all being false by one or two digits wrong. [Redacted] stated I was dialing the wrong numbers so On [sic] speaker phone I dialed the number she gave me and spoke with a subject who stated I had the wrong number."

The girl's mother became upset when reached — and still the girl refused to admit that she had a phone.

After a female officer was called to the scene, a body search revealed that the defiant teen had stuffed her handset — said to be a Samsung Cricket — down the back of her pants.

She faces a court hearing on April 20.

Wisconsin schools have had other unfortunate technological encounters lately.

A high school student in New Berlin, just west of Wauwatosa, was charged earlier this month with blackmailing other male students into having sex with him after convincing them to send him nude photos of themselves via Facebook — where he had pretended to be a number of attractive female classmates.

That same week, a middle school teacher in Beaver Dam, near Madison, was suspended for posting a photo of herself pointing a gun at the camera on her Facebook page.

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