Getting Your Message Across

If you want to get your message across, here now my tips for how you can definitely get covered by the liberal media.

No. 1: Do something outlandish. If you think big companies are using slave labor, strip off your clothes. The ones who did that to make a point about poor working conditions at the GAP, got covered everywhere.

No. 2: Insert Enron into everything. Burn an Enron effigy. Carry a placard that has Ken Lay drawn as Adolf Hitler. I guarantee you'll get coverage and those who did, did. Never mind the IMF and World Bank have as much to do with Enron as I do with Bally Fitness. But keep pushing it.

No. 3: Spray paint some fur coats. What better way to prove all companies, as one protester put it, are killing innocent animals across the planet.

No. 4: Strip and keep stripping. Just to show you can, and that the big money types, as you say, are raping the planet, down to the clothes on your back.

Very little of this is fair. Or accurate.

But it makes for good pictures. And for a jaded media that feels as anti-business as you, it makes for a good story too, whether it's accurate, or not.

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