Getting Perspective on Michael Vick

So Atlanta Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted for felony and misdemeanor charges involving dog fighting.

Now the NFL just suspended sales of any stuff with his name on it: this includes jerseys, signed balls and Vick-endorsed Kibbles 'n Bits.

I'm amazed by this. If you're an athlete, it doesn't matter if you sexually assault someone. But mess with one labradoodle and you're the devil.

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Yep, dog fighting is horribly wrong. But why is it any worse than the other stuff pro athletes do, like drinking raw egg whites and rollerblading to stay fit in the off season? I love dogs, but I also love people. And dogs that look like people? Don't get me started.

But really, unlike most pro athletes, Vick had a hobby. He knew the color of his parachute. It was tan... with some grey around the muzzle. He wasn't raping strippers, smuggling heroin or leading cops on high-speed chases.

He found something else to do. It may not be that attractive — it's certainly no cock fighting — but at least it keeps him off the streets where he could hurt you or me.

So what's next for Vick?

Well, the court of public opinion has already found him guilty of being one sick bastard. So he has only one way out. It's not rehab, or an apology. He should embrace the darkness, move to a Third World Country and create the DFL: the Dog Fighting League.

And that's my gut feeling.

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