Getting Americans Killed

If you watch us, you know I believe the American Civil Liberties Union (search) is the most dangerous organization in the country. Now another example:

The ACLU has sued the Defense Department, demanding it release even more disturbing photographs from the Abu Ghraib (search) prison scandal. The government doesn't want to do that because these photos would whip up more into U.S. hatred around the world, more terrorists would sign up, including suicide bombers.

But the ACLU doesn't care. It wants to embarrass the Bush administration and show the world the USA is villainous, that America is provoking world conflict.

At this point, any reasonable person knows the abuses at Abu Ghraib were illegal and immoral. No one needs more pictures to get the point. If 30 people are killed after a bogus report on the Koran, you can imagine what releasing more Abu Ghraib photos will do. Our troops will be put in even more danger, and the threat will rise here at home.

A liberal judge in New York City, Alvin Hellerstein, has ruled in favor of the ACLU, but that's no surprise. Hellerstein is a committed anti-Bush person, who earlier this year ruled against the CIA in the ACLU's bid to get records on alleged abuses before the investigations were even completed.

Hellerstein's ruling must be appealed because if this isn't a case of national security, nothing is. All Americans, including the hideous ACLU, should be doing everything possible to help our military and protect fellow citizens. Even if you dislike the Bush administration, giving fuel to the terrorists is simply unacceptable. Almost treasonous in my opinion.

That being said, President Bush needs to take action fast. These abuse stories aren't going away. Too many mistakes have been made. And each new one discovered will be front-page news in the anti-Bush media.

There's no question Americans have made mistakes and committed crimes against some detainees. These crimes must be dealt with fairly and aggressively. So the president should appoint an independent body, much like the 9/11 Commission, to examine what has happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, and at Guantanamo Bay. That commission could then clearly define the problem and make recommendations that would serve as future policy regarding detainees in the War on Terror.

President Bush has to realize his enemies are going to use the detainee issue to damage his administration. Every week, there will be another so-called scandal until Americans turn completely against Mr. Bush.

That's what happened during the Vietnam War. And that's what's happening today.

But the stakes are much higher than Vietnam. Now we're under attack at home by fanatical fascists. But the anti-Bush people really, really believe the president is the main problem, not the terrorists. That scenario puts us all in danger.

The president must go on the offensive and set up that commission. If not, chaos will reign.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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