I used to roll my eyes at my grandparents when they'd lecture me on things like saving money: "Back in my day, we were so poor we ate dirt for breakfast… and we liked it!"

If I told my grandpa it was his patriotic duty to go get a six-year loan on a hybrid car, he would have smacked me upside the head with a shovel. Because he had common sense… and shovels. He was a farmer.

But in many states, they've ignored the past wisdom of our grandparents and our founders; the very policies that created the greatest nation on earth (small government, low taxes… saving!) We've gone in a different direction. How's that new direction working out for you California, New York and Massachusetts? All that economic strife feels good doesn't it?

How about emulating states that are doing well, like Texas?

Texas is the ultimate liberal conundrum: They are doing well and they have no state income tax. Wait, how do they have roads? Do they have any firefighters?

Texas is too foreign a place for liberals to emulate, so how about emulating something more familiar: China. China now saves half of the money that goes into its economy. Here in America? We save less than a dime out of every dollar that comes in.

Even China "gets it."

We better "get it" again soon, otherwise, may I suggest you teach your kids how to speak Mandarin?

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