It was an interesting week in the world of "FOX & Friends" news, notes and names.

Hurricane Wilma (search) almost dragged Steve in on Sunday, but it's slower than expected track has allowed Doocy a full weekend at home in his small electricity-free cabin in the woods.

Looking back at the week of guests, I think the most obese athlete award go to the seven sumo wrestlers who froze in their padded jock straps on the sidewalk on Thursday. We were all disappointed that they chose a long warm up rather then a real match as their demo, but what can you do?

Best sub for Steve at weather has to go to Jerome Bettis (search) of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. "The Bus" — as he is called — waltzed onto the green screen and wowed the crowd with his seamless FOXCast. New York Giants' tight end Jeremy Shockey was solid on sports and could not have been nicer to our staff off camera. As for our own Tiki Barber, he's a true pro — moving the segment along, in between talking Iraq and DeLay! The coolest photo has to be Tom DeLay's mug shot. It's the type of image any pro photographer tries to get from his models. In I fact I would not be surprised if he gets some print work out of it!

Jake Steinfeld joined us again on Friday to name the second of 10 finalists in his "Live Your Dream" contest. You still have time to win thousands along with free miles on a private jet if you scoop up his book "I've Seen a lot of Famous People Naked, and They've Got Nothing on You." The business plan is in the book and online.

It was great to close out the week with Ed McMahon, as he talked about his 46 years with Johnny Carson. You realize in talking with him, how hard it must have been for him to play No. 2 for so long. Ed has a great personality, is a true performer and he never got the recognition he deserved. Just my opinion and he certainly isn't bitter.

I also have to salute Alisyn and Kiran for their great work all week and here's some insider anchor news: Kiran has inspired Alisyn to work out in our gym for first time! Lets see how long she can keep it going!

Thanks for making us a part of your week. If you are looking to grab "The Games Do Count" and get it signed now that it's in paperback, just visit www.BrianKilmeade.com.


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