Known as a bulldog, Georgia Rep. Bob Barr lived up to his reputation during a spirited debate Sunday night with rival Congressman John Linder.

Barr attempted to tie Linder, against whom he is vying for the redistricted 7th Congressional District, to big tobacco interests.

Linder challenged Barr to explain why he filed a $30 million lawsuit against former President Clinton while seeking to limit punitive damages to $250,000 in new legislation on citizen lawsuits.

Barr responded that his suit, filed in response to an article written by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt about Barr's personal life, was sent to the court long before the legislation was written. Barr is perhaps best known as an impeachment manager in 1999's Senate trial of the former president.

The two conservative Republicans, who have worked together in the House for the last eight years, met in an hour-long debate Sunday sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club. It was broadcast live over the state's public radio and television network.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.