Georgia Hiker's Killer Helped Write Horror Movie About Serial Murderer

The suspected serial killer who confessed to killing North Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson, and who has since been charged in another murder, may have come up with his twisted plot years ago, WCTV reports.

Authorities say Gary Michael Hilton helped produce a horror movie about a serial killer in 1995. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is in contact with the film's producer.

The film, “Deadly Run,” was about a serial killer who releases women in the woods so that he can hunt them. The film's producer, Samuel Rael, says Hilton suggested, “go ahead and let some beautiful women out in the woods and then they could be hunted down like prey," WCTV reports.

Rael said that when he heard about the murder charges against Hilton, it was nearly word for word from their movie.

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