As you may know, NBC News has emerged as the most pro-Obama TV news operation in the country. Its cable news operation openly shills for the president and did so during the election. And when some CNBC financial commentators began criticizing Mr. Obama, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and NBC President Jeff Zucker went over to CNBC in person to deal with the situation. GE owns NBC.

Since that time, very little criticism of the president has been heard on CNBC. Perhaps it's just a coincidence.

On April 23, I reported that GE is heavily investing in green technology, and if the carbon tax is passed GE will try to get billions of dollars in contracts in the cap and trade program. Because GE is in big trouble — already receiving $139 billion in federal insurance to shore up its financial arm — it is now going full-tilt to get more federal dollars.

According to reporting by Andrew Wilkow, a Sirius radio host, GE is banking on government-ordered computerized health records. If that passes, GE's technology could be used, earning the company billions.

To make that happen, GE has appointed former Senator Tom Daschle to its health advisory board. Daschle, you may remember, was President Obama's choice as secretary of Health and Human Services until a tax scandal derailed him. But there is no question Daschle has big time connections to the Obama White House. We asked the senator for an interview. So far, he's ducking us.

So obviously there is a huge conflict of interest here. NBC News is in the tank for Obama, even as its parent company is trying to secure billions from the feds. And if you don't believe me, listen to Obama adviser Kareem Dale:


KAREEM DALE, SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO OBAMA: At the White House, as we always like to say, we love MSNBC.


A fascinating footnote: Neither NBC News nor GE is hiding any of this. In a public relations video, the cards are laid on the table:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jeff Immelt himself was very committed to a broader set of issues affecting energy policy, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, etc. Ecomagination is a business imperative for GE.


So it is no accident that NBC News is promoting government run health care, as well as President Obama's policies in general.

Now if this were any other industry, there would be a federal investigation. But the press is largely above the law. There is no oversight on the press at all. We can do pretty much what we want to do.

Summing up: A major American news operation is giving favorable coverage to a president while its parent company stands to profit dramatically if Mr. Obama's agenda succeeds. Corrupt? You make the call.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Thursday night, a group of us at "The Factor" went over to the Wounded Warrior Project annual dinner. I had the honor to sit next to Marine Lt. Andrew Kinard, who lost his legs in Iraq. Andrew, from South Carolina, is heading to Harvard Law School in the fall. He's obviously a man of great courage and determination, a credit to his country.

Also at the event, Bob Costas, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, former New York Yankee Bernie Williams and actor Tony Sirico. Obviously these men are patriots, as are all the warriors. And if you would like to help them, please go to BillOReilly.com, where we have a link to the foundation.

On the pinhead front, author Judy Blume makes millions writing children's books. But just before Mother's Day, she sent out an e-mail asking folks to give money to Planned Parenthood. Since that organization is being investigated for harming minors, that seems a bit strange to me. Ms. Blume is welcome on "The Factor" to explain. Until then, she is a pinhead.

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