'Gay' Vultures at Jerusalem Zoo Split Up, Become Fathers Again

After a multiyear romance described as "fiery" and the birth of a baby, a pair of gay vultures at a Jerusalem zoo have reportedly gone back into the closet.

Dashik and Yehuda, who built a love next and fathered a baby vulture a few years ago, called it quits for the feathery embrace of female vultures — and now they've simultaneously fathered new young ones, Haaretz.com reports.

"This is an insane coincidence," said Michal Erez, head of the birds section at the Jerusalem zoo. "But the spouses of both Yehuda and Dashik laid an egg on the same day, the eggs hatched on the same April day, and the two chicks were exactly the same weight. Their weight can vary between 120 and 200 grams, and I've never seen two hatchlings of the exact same weight."

The national hatching center at the Biblical Zoo receives all eggs laid by vultures in captivity nationwide, as well as those collected in the natural Griffon vulture site in Golan Heights.

"There's a lack of vultures both in captivity and in the wild, so we decided to increase our reproductive stock," said Erez.

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