Gay for a Day?

And now the most compelling two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Palestinian Petition — Will This Help?
More than two dozen Palestinian political, aid and human rights organizations and at least twice as many individuals have signed a petition to help the Palestinian people in the following way: They are calling on everyone in the Palestinian areas to refuse to accept any aid of any kind from the United States "in protest of the American official support for Israel's government’s crimes against our people."

Funeral Film?
There is a new explanation of that scene captured by an Israeli spy drone camera of that body being carried by Palestinians through the streets of Jenin. The body falls to the ground, only to rise under its own power and get up and lie down, to be carried away again. Last weekend, as we reported, a Palestinian group called the Society for the Protection of Human Rights said this was not a faked funeral but instead "acting for a film" being shot by a Palestinian producer. Now that same group is saying,  "what the footage actually shows is a group of children playing 'funeral,'" a game it says is not uncommon in the occupied territories.

A Challenging Assignment?
Out in Kirtland, Ohio, near Cleveland, a student at Lakeland Community College got an F and was nearly kicked out of school for challenging an assignment. And what was that assignment? The student, whose name has been withheld, was told to wear a pink triangle around school for a day, as a symbol of gay rights. But he is not gay and objected to the assignment on moral grounds. He asked the teacher if he could get an alternative. She said no and gave him an F. He faced possible expulsion until TV Station WEWS began asking questions, at which point the school reversed itself.

Smuggling Gone Wrong?
The latest from the world of American justice is a federal claim filed by lawyers for the families of a group of Mexicans who died crossing the Arizona border from Mexico. Fourteen migrants died last May in a failed four day trek across the desert, led by a man who has since gone to jail for smuggling aliens. The wrongful death claim, filed by relatives of the victims, demands $41.25 million from the U.S. government for failing to provide a water station the suit says might have saved the illegal aliens' lives.