Gautama Chopra Strikes Back

So recently, I told you about Deepak Chopra tweeting that his meditation had caused an earthquake. For that, I called him a clown.

Now, Clown, Jr., has responded:

"Dear Greg — as a member of the Chopra household, I can say with full confidence that you have no insight into our family. Thanks for trying though. And if you're interested in real dialogue, avoid sensationalistic platitudes like 'evil.' It's no better than the critics who call your entire network 'fascist.' By the way, since when did capitalism connote evil?
Gotham Chopra"

Thanks Gotham — or Gautama. According to Wiki, you changed your name, because "Gotham" sounded more hip. It beats "Newark."

Anyway, I never said I had insight into your family, but I did read your dad's mulch at the Huffington Post. So I'm smart enough to know you're rich and maybe it bugs you that it came from the pockets of misguided people searching for answers your dad claims to offer. You know, through those seminars like the "Seduction of the Spirit," which cost nearly 1,800 bucks. I bet that paid for a few lunches at the Ivy. And let's not forget those "Primordial Sound Meditation" courses, which went for roughly 1,700 bucks. At that price, there better be a happy ending.

Hey, did you know that a Chopra Center instructor can heal irritable bowel syndrome? Yeah, it takes an ass to know one.

Anyway, I never said capitalism was evil. Here's what I actually said:


GREG GUTFELD: And that's what Chopra is: an evil capitalist.

He's evil because he often denigrates the American system, while taking full advantage of it selling DVDs, books, seminars and wellness programs that soak people for thousands of bucks. He is a true capitalist, even if what he's capitalizing on is lonely middle-aged women.


It's your dad, not capitalism, that's bad. Remember, it was Deepak who once wrote on HuffPo that the Holocaust happened not simply because Hitler was evil, but because, just like today, "all countries on both sides of the terror divide are enmeshed in the same conflicted mindset."

So yeah, I do have insight into your dad. I wish I didn't.

And, if you disagree with me, you probably need your spirit seduced by primordial sound meditation.

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