Gas Prices: While We Point Fingers, China Takes Action

Just let it be known for the energy record: While Congress digs up oil companies' tax records, China's digging for something else: oil.

China is plunking down more than $4 billion to gain a foothold in key Nigerian oilfields.

This is on top of PetroChina's $800 million deal last year to tap up to 30,000 barrels a day of Nigerian crude.

And get this, it's spending billions more to explore for oil. Guess where? Here! Only miles off the Florida coast.

That's the same coast environmentalists prevented U.S. oil companies from tapping.

I don't know. All I do know is while we bicker, China bites at any and all oil opportunities it sees.

As The Financial Times reports, China's rapidly rising oil demands have already made it the world's second largest oil importer behind the U.S. — the same U.S. that couldn't come up with an energy solution if a caribou's life depended on it.

China seems to worry less about caribou and energy company profits and more about its people and its future.

China's got its priorities right. It's acting like the super power that it is.

That's what super powers do.

We should try it some time.

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