Gallup Poll: Tom Hanks Tops With American Audiences, Tom Cruise Draws Negative Response

Bad news for Tom Cruise.

A new Gallup survey says Americans gave him a giant "thumbs down" compared to other top Hollywood stars.

Asked whether or not they make a special effort to see movies starring 13 different Hollywood A-listers, nearly three times as many — 34 percent — said they avoid Cruise's pictures as those who said they seek them out — just 12 percent.

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Cruise had the most negative reaction of any of the 13 stars in the poll. Angelina Jolie clocked in a distant second, with 18 percent saying they avoid seeing her movies.

Tom Hanks had the most positive reaction of any of the stars in the poll. Forty-four percent said they make a special effort to see his pictures, backed up by another 48 percent who said they consider seeing his films. Only 5 percent said they avoid them.

Mel Gibson doesn't seem to have been hit too hard by his recent anti-semitic tirade and drunk driving arrest. Gibson's "Apocalypto" was the #1 movie at the box office this weekend. The Gallup survey shows 26 percent make an effort to see his movies, with 15 percent saying they avoid them.

The survey also asked 1,003 adults to consider Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, Will Smith and more.'s Jesse Zanger contributed to this report.