Future of Iraq

Friday on “DaySide” I'm planning to interview a member of Iraq’s new government. It's particularly timely because the violence is getting bloodier in these last days before the transfer of power on June 30.

There are so many questions to ask and I want to invite you to be part of that.

Can the new leaders put a stop to the violence? Can they kick out the terrorists who've streamed into Iraq from other countries? Will they take ownership of rebuilding their infrastructure? Can they find Abu Musab al Zarqawi (search) where he's hiding out in Fallujah?

E-mail your questions and/or comments to dayside@foxnews.com and I'll read as many as I can on-air.



Tuesday, June 15: Calling It Quits?

Are Southern Baptists (search) quitting the Baptist World Alliance? Apparently Tuesday, the Southern Baptist Convention members may decide whether to quit the BWA.

Many in the SBC are angry that some in the BWA are — this is a quote —  "questioning the truthfulness of Holy Scripture" and refusing to affirm the necessity of conscious faith for salvation.

Do any of you out there know about this? I just heard about it this afternoon, and I'm researching it for Wednesday's “DaySide.”

Let me know your comments. As always, the e-mail address is: dayside@foxnews.com



Monday, June 14: Americans, Saudis and Iraqis Under Siege

Gee, what a nice thing to have in common.

But it's true: Murderous terrorists are stalking Americans in Saudi Arabia, hoping that those who work there will flee. Their hope is that an American exodus will leave the Saudi monarchy weak and defenseless, allowing for the government to be toppled.

Meanwhile, murderous terrorists are stalking officials of the new Iraqi government, hoping to topple it as well. The terrorists do not want democracy in Iraq. They want to install an oppressive totalitarian regime.

On Tuesday's “DaySide,” I'll have a key Iraqi official — who I'm sure is on a death list compiled by the terrorists. If you have any questions or comments for this official, e-mail them to me at:  dayside@foxnews.com

I'll also have an update on the perilous situation in Saudi Arabia. I cannot emphasize enough to you how dangerous it is for Americans over there right now. I salute those who, for bravery or necessity, are sticking it out despite the threat. But I have to say that I'm worried for them.